Personal Training


Laili offers one-to-one fitness services for women and girls of any age,

during the day, and at a time that suits you.

Laili can come to your own home,

saving you gym membership and possibly creche costs;

design a personalised programme for your specific needs;

offer dietary and nutritional advice, and work with you to reach your goals.

As an option to your home, the St. Elizabeth's Hall in Hambrook

has a lot of availability - and is available for one off bookings.

It is a perfect space for one to one training, and has a wooden sprung floor.

In good weather, outside areas can also be utilised if desired.

With over 30 years of experience working in the fitness industry,

and a wealth of knowledge and experience

in all areas of sport, dance and fitness,

Laili can design a very individual, varied, and bespoke

programme that will get YOU motivated to achieve the results

that you want.

Laili is a specialist in Ante and Post Natal exercise,

so if you are either pregnant, or a new Mum,

Laili can work with you to maintain your fitness

through your pregnancy,

and/or help you to regain your figure and fitness afterwards.

Laili is also a specialist in exercise for the older adult,

so if you are an older woman Laili can work with you

to maintain your fitness, mobility, and well being.

(You are never too old to remain active and in good health !)

Laili also has experience working with disability,

including Cerebral Palsy,

and understanding that every client has different capabilities,

can help you to develop strength, increase range of movement,

and improve your mobility.


The charge is £33:00 for individual one hour sessions,

or £300:00 if you pay up front for 10 sessions.

For a double session, with two people together,

the charge is £53:00 for individual one hour sessions,

or £500:00 if you pay up front for 10 sessions.

The sessions can then be taken as and when suits you.

Initial consultation / assessment is free.

It would be an additional £7:00 per hour for the hall hire

if you wanted to use The St. Elizabeth's Hall for any of the sessions.


Contact Laili on 01454 618488 or email


to discuss your requirements.