How much does it cost ?


All classes are £6:00 per person.


Due to the new Government Guidelines regarding Coronavirus,

attendance to all classes are now on a strictly pre-booking basis only.

Payment needs to be made by bank transfer.

Please go to the News & Updates page for links to the

Guidelines and Procedures for each venue.

New members are always welcome.


The Abbots Leigh classes are paid for in six week blocks.

The charge is £36:00 for each block.*

New members would still be welcome on any week though,

and you would pay pro rata until the start of the next block.


The charge for one-to-one fitness services

is £33:00 for individual one hour sessions,

or £300:00 if you pay up front for 10 sessions.

For a double session, with two people together,

the charge is £53:00 for individual one hour sessions,

or £500:00 if you pay up front for 10 sessions.

The sessions can then be taken as and when suits you.

Initial consultation / assessment is free.


Private dance lessons are £53:00 per couple per hour.

Any choreography will be done in Laili's own time.


*In the very rare event that Laili is not able to attend a date in a pre-paid block due to unforeseen circumstances or sickness, then your payment for that Monday would be carried forward to the next block.

In the unfortunate event of serious or prolonged illness, or other extenuating circumstances preventing a member from attending class, then of course special dispensation would be considered.

In the event that someone wanted to leave one of the classes, and it was a sudden decision in the middle of a block that had already been paid for, then they would forfeit the money for the rest of that block.  If however they were to let Laili know at the start of a block, that they would be leaving in say two weeks time for example, then they would only need to pay for those last number of weeks that they would be attending, and not a whole block.