General Information

All equipment is provided.  Please wear suitable footwear, comfortable clothing, and bring a drink with you - although there are water fountains available outside the Studios at the Bradley Stoke and Chipping Sodbury venues, and kitchen facilities at Abbots Leigh and Henleaze.  There is no need to pre-book for the Bradley Stoke, Chipping Sodbury, and Henleaze classes, but please try to arrive 10 minutes before the start of a session to allow for registration.  New members are always welcome. The Abbots Leigh classes are paid for in advance in six week blocks - see the 'how much' page for full details, and see below at the bottom of this page for additional information.  New members would still be welcome on any week though.

For all classes, please check the Coronavirus procedures :- you will find the procedures relevant to each via links on the News & Updates page.  Please read before attending, as booking is now essential, due to limited numbers.  Thank you.

A few details about the classes : -

STRICTLY SOLO : - In this 'Strictly Come Dancing' style dance class you will learn all of the Ballroom & Latin dances - including VIENNESE WALTZ, WALTZ, FOXTROT, AMERICAN SMOOTH, QUICKSTEP, BALLROOM TANGO, ARGENTINE TANGO, CHA CHA CHA, JIVE, RUMBA, SALSA, SAMBA, PASO DOBLE and more, such as CHARLESTON, and BROADWAY......... and each of  the dances will be choreographed to an appropriate track, so that each week you will be able to learn, perfect, and perform a routine.  You will still learn the proper foot patterns for each dance; and you will be taught the correct techniques; footwork; and styling specific for each dance also.  We usually do a different dance each week, and we do re-visit them.  Which dance we will be dancing that week will be posted on the 'News & Updates' page.  All routines are choreographed by Laili.  No previous experience is necessary, and this class is suitable for all - any age, level, or ability - however, you will dance strictly SOLO, NOT with a partner.  This dance class is not run as a course, so you can dip in and out, and new members are welcome on any week.  Clothing needs to be comfortable.  Skirts or trousers.  You can wear trainers, but it's not recommended, and normal (soft) shoes with a smooth sole would be preferable, while dedicated dance shoes (with or without a heel) with suede soles even better.  This UNIQUE class guarantees to be a fun and enjoyable way for you to keep fit, and learn how to dance at the same time !

FITNESS PILATES : - This general level class concentrates on abdominal training, with plenty of deep stretching and all over toning interspersed throughout, and is suitable for all ages, levels and abilities (options are given).  New members are welcome on any week, as this class is not run as a course, plus, it doesn't matter if you miss a week either, as it is pay as you go.  Slow, flowing, and rhythmical movements ease you through a thorough warm-up to mobilise and prepare the body and mind for what's to come. The exercises target the deep postural (core) muscles, improving your posture, muscle tone, strength and flexibility.  Correct technique and alignment are focused on, improving your body awareness, and you will also benefit from stronger back muscles, relieving back ache and pain.  The toning will build long, lean muscles without bulk, throughout the body.  You will benefit from increased joint range of motion, enhancing your mobility and agility; and your circulation and stamina will also improve.  A relaxing environment helps to relieve stress, and tension.  Some balance work may be included to also challenge your core muscles, and improve your balance and co-ordination.  A challenging, but achievable workout.  There will be plenty of floor work - mats are available, but bringing your own is recommended, and most people do.  If you need to use one of mine, please let me know beforehand, so that I know to bring them.  Some of you may want to bring a small towel to roll up and place under your head / neck / buttocks / ankles / or spine etc., for some exercises - depending on you - although there are a couple of yoga blocks available for use, on a first come first saved basis.  Footwear again is dependent on your own preference - you may go bear foot, or wear socks.  Trainers are not recommended as you may find it difficult to 'slide' your feet, or feel 'grounded' to the floor.

PUMP & TONE : - This resistance workout uses barbells and dumbbells, with your choice of weight, to burn calories, and shape and tone your whole body.  The high repetitions with low weight loads, develops endurance strength, which enables you to become stronger without building bulk, creating long lean muscles.  It will also improve your cardiovascular fitness; increase your bone density; and build confidence.  This class is suitable for all levels, as you are able to start with light weights, and gradually increase as and when/if you want to; which allows varying abilities to exercise together side by side in the same class.  After a warm up track with a little bit of everything, all of the major muscle groups will be targeted in separate tracks.  Abdominal exercises, and comprehensive stretches, rounds the class off.  All equipment - including barbells and weights, dumbbells, platforms, and mats - are provided, and included in the price.

LO & TONE : - An all over workout, for cardiovascular fitness as well as toning. A thorough warm-up including mobility exercises, pulse raising, and short stretches, is followed by a 15-20 minute low impact and uplifting cardio section.  The second half of the class concentrates on toning exercises for the whole body, both against the wall and with floor work.  This may include some exercises with dumbbell's for the upper body; some Pilates type exercises; core strength work; abdominal exercises; and stretching.  This session is suitable for all ages, levels, and abilities, including the older adult or young mum, who wants to maintain their general fitness, mobility, range of movement, & well being. Weights (light ones are available); exercise bands; wrist support stands; and mats are provided. Bringing your own mat is recommend though.

CIRCUITS : - A general exercise class for the men including a warm-up and cool down.  Moving from station to station, you will perform short sets of a mixture of cardiovascular and toning exercises.  No choreography, and exercising at individual stations, this is a class where you can easily work at your own level.  This session is suitable for all ages, levels, and abilities, including the older gent who wants to maintain his general fitness, strength, mobility, and well being.  All equipment is provided, including weights; exercise bands; mats; skipping rope; mini football; basketball hoop; agility ladder; hula hoop; hand grippers; wrist support stands, and platforms.

LADIES KEEP FIT : - An all over workout, for cardiovascular fitness as well as toning. A thorough warm-up including comprehensive mobility exercises, pulse raising, and short stretches, is followed by a 20-30 minute low impact, fun, achievable, and uplifting cardio section, that will be dance based. The third segment of the class concentrates on toning exercises for the arms and legs; including standing leg work, both free standing, and against the wall. This may include some Pilates type exercises; balance work; and stretching. Arms will be toned using exercises without the use of weights. Elements to keep the mind challenged (to stave off  Dementia !) are also incorporated throughout the class. This friendly session is suitable for all ages, levels, and abilities, including the older adult or young mum, who wants to maintain their general fitness, mobility, range of movement, & well being.  Refreshments are provided at the end, included in the price.                                    

Classes previously on the timetable : -

BODY CONDITIONING : - An all over workout, for cardiovascular fitness as well as toning.  A ten minute warm-up is followed by 15-20 minutes of standing leg work - the optimal way to provide functional training for the lower body.  Dumbbells are used for the upper body, and there will be floor work to finish, including abdominal training.  Some balance, and core strength work, may be included throughout.  All muscle groups are targeted in every session, giving the whole body a comprehensive work out.  No complicated choreography and easy to follow, this session is suitable for all levels.   Weights and mats are provided.

POST NATAL : - This is an exercise to music class specifically suited to the mother returning to exercise after having a baby, or a mother new to exercise wishing to regain her figure; socialise with other mothers; and simply just start to feel herself again.  A ten minute warm up, followed by a 15-20 minute low impact aerobic section.  Then floor work, incorporating toning exercises, and also specific exercises for the postpartum period, including pelvic floor exercises.  Every mother will have their abdominal muscles individually assessed for separation, and advised accordingly.  It is recommended that mothers wait four to six weeks after the birth, and can come as soon as they feel ready, or start at any time.  All ages of baby are welcome, from approximately 4 weeks to walking, and mothers may bring their babies with them to class (in a car seat or pram).  Fully qualified Instructor, recognised by the Royal College of Midwives, and ACPOG.  Exercise mats are provided.

CARDIODANCE : - A dance based aerobic workout, that is lots of  fun, but at the same time you will burn calories, increase your fitness levels, and learn to dance better.  The choreography is simple and achievable, and allows plenty of  time to learn each move.  Suitable for all levels.           

AEROBICS : - An easy to follow cardio session suitable for all levels, that raises the heart rate and burns calories.  The choreography is broken down, and both low impact and high impact options are given throughout, so that you can easily work at your own level.

STEP : - A routine is developed through the class, and all choreography is broken down into blocks, and taught from a very base level, making it very achievable, and suitable for most levels.  All routines are 'tap-free'.  Steps are provided.

Additional information about charges for the Abbots Leigh classes : -

In the very rare event that Laili is not able to attend a date in a pre-paid block due to unforeseen circumstances or sickness, then your payment for that Monday would be carried forward to the next block.

In the unfortunate event of serious or prolonged illness, or other extenuating circumstances preventing a member from attending class, then of course special dispensation would be considered.

In the event that someone wanted to leave one of the classes, and it was a sudden decision in the middle of a block that had already been paid for, then they would forfeit the money for the rest of that block.  If however they were to let Laili know at the start of a block, that they would be leaving in say two weeks time for example, then they would only need to pay for those last number of weeks that they would be attending, and not a whole block.