COVID 19 class guidelines and procedures for Ladies Keep Fit at St.Perer's Church Hall, Henleaze



Please read through them for your reassurance if you need to, and I will try to cover all that you need to know for coming safely back to class below.


I will open the booking from 10am every Friday.
You will be able to book for one week at a time, and the booking for the next Thursdays class each week will open on each preceding Friday at 10am (please don't try before).
If there are spaces, you can book right up until the day before (so long as payment is received).
This will hopefully then give everyone a fair and equal chance of getting one of the places.
I will take the bookings on a first come first served basis.

To book, you will need to email me on or text me on 079 497 43 477.

(Please don't phone if you can help it - I would rather not be fielding loads of phone calls, and can respond to an email or text at a time convenient to me, thank you.  
Should you require it though, and prefer it to ringing my mobile, my landline is 01454 618488.  There are answer machines on both numbers).

When booking a place, you will need to give me your full name, and all phone numbers - mobile and landline - for test and trace purposes.  This is required by the government guidelines (see link above).  
If any participant later displays COVID19 symptoms - please let me know - then all other participants on that day will be able to be contacted.
Obviously, please do not attend if you are presenting with any symptoms, thank you.
Please also confirm (for clarity) the date of the Thursday that you are booking for.
I will reply to let you know if there is an available place, and I will then hold that place for you for 24 hours until I have received payment.
Once payment has been received, I will contact you again to confirm your booking.
If you subsequently need to cancel your booking (after payment), I will only be able to refund you* if I am able to re-sell that place (you will have to trust me), otherwise I'm afraid that you will forfeit that payment (so the earlier that you can let me know, the better chance I will have of refilling that place).
* 'Refunding' may entail holding that payment for a subsequent week.
If the class has already sold out when you contact me, then I will let you know that I have placed you on the waiting list, and will obviously contact you again if a place subsequently becomes available.
If a place becomes available very close to the date (within the last 24 hours), then I will contact all of those left on the waitlist, and then take the booking from the first to respond (just in case the first person on the list were not to pick up my message in time).

To make payment, please pay by bank transfer.
This is to prevent the handling of cash - a transmission risk - and also to enable us to maintain social distancing on the day.
The fee is still £6.00 per person, per class.
Thank you.

My bank details are :-
NatWest Bank Plc
Account name :- LAILI BROOKS
Account number :- 876 847 48
Sort Code :- 56-00-05

A couple of you have said that you are not able to do online banking.
I would prefer bank transfer please where possible, but if this is not possible, then you may send me a cheque (and advise me when making the booking that this is how you intend to pay).  
I will still only hold your booking for 24 hours before letting it go to someone else, if payment is not received - so you will need to put a first class stamp on, and send it that day !!

Please make the cheques payable to Laili Brooks, and post to 18 Lime Kiln Gardens, Bradley Stoke, Bristol, BS32 0DB.

If you were wanting to send me payment for several weeks in one go (not necessary or required, but some of you have queried this.....) - either by bank transfer or cheque - 
You will NOT be able to block book out a number of weeks, as this would prevent others from getting a fair chance of booking on to a class.
Therefore, if you were to do this, then I will keep a cash sheet for you, and deduct a weeks payment from your total on any week that you are able to book a place.
Please note, that the same rule of cancellation will apply as stated above :- if you were to book, and then cancel, and I am unable to refill that place in time for the class, then that amount will still be deducted from your cash sheet.


Please enter through the main entrance (even though you will see the side fire exit doors wide open as well).
If other people are arriving at the same time as you, make sure that you stay socially distanced as you enter.
All doors will be propped open, so you shouldn't need to touch anything. 
There will be sanitising dispensers fixed to the walls :- one on the left as you enter through the main entrance (before you go through the double glass doors); and another again by the light switches to the left of the double doors that lead into the hall.  
Please sanitise your hands upon entering the building, and before entering the hall.  
Thank you.

Please arrive dressed ready to exercise as much as you can, and once in the hall, stay at least 2 metres apart from others while putting any bag onto the window ledges and/or changing shoes if necessary.
All chairs and tables will be removed from the hall, to allow for extra spacing.
Of course I will be there (at the front) to greet and advise you if necessary as well.
Face masks are optional, and not required by law - in fact it is recommended that they are not worn during exercise - but I will leave it up to your own preference.
As I will be facing the class (and also speaking), I personally will be wearing a face visor - for your reassurance - but you you don't need to unless you want to.  You can get really hot under a mask.
Once you have put down your bag, take your water bottle (please bring your own drink - the kitchen will be NO tea and biscuits afterwards either sorry......) with you to your own spot (more on this below), to minimise people moving / walking around the room during the class.
Once you are all on your designated spot, you will stay there for the whole class (unless a toilet break is required of course).


After carefully measuring out the hall this morning with Emma, it was agreed that the hall is large enough for a maximum number of 17 people, allowing a good 2 plus metres, 360 degrees, all around each person (so still plenty of excess space, even with this number).
(btw, ideally, I would need a minimum of 10 people for the class to be viable).
There will be three rows :-
4 people in the front row.
7 people in the middle row.
6 people in the back row.
The floor will be laid out in the following formation, and marked with small star shaped coloured stickers on the floor :-


                      X                        X                                                 X                   X

        X                       X                       X                        X                    X                   

                      X                        X                        X                       X                   X                  


Please move to one of the spots, one at a time - DON'T RUSH ALL AT ONCE !!
(and don't forget to take your water bottle with you !)

I will be modifying the class, so that there will be minimal (zero) moving off of your spot for the entire hour.
The first half of the class as you will remember was mostly all on the one spot anyway.  
We will not be doing any travelling during the pulse raising part at the end of that section - we will still do some pulse raising activity, but in a way that we still remain on the spot.
We will still have the usual dance section, but again I will ensure that the choreography doesn't travel, turn or spin, and stays on the spot / within your own space.
At the end we will not form a circle around the hall, but again still remain on our designated spots for the stretching and toning conclusion of the session.
I hope that this helps to reassure you.


We will keep the hall fully ventilated to allow full flow of fresh air, as per the guidelines, by opening all of the windows (including the little ones high up at the top), and all of the doors.
This will include the double main doors; the inner foyer glass doors; the double doors in to the hall; the fire exit doors to the left of the stage; and also the door behind me to the old toddler group room, plus the fire exit doors behind that to the outside, at the back of the toddler group room.  (Therefore - if it is a chilly day, make sure that you dress accordingly !!!).


Only one person at a time are allowed in the toilets.  There are signs up advising this as well.

The main door to the toilets will be propped open - please leave it so - so you won't need to touch the door handle.

Emma has assured me that they will be fastidiously cleaning all door handles, taps, and facilities etc. throughout the building, but obviously just try not to touch too many surfaces, and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards, as per the by now well known guidelines.
I think that using the toilet is just common sense really.
There will be hand sanitisers as well - and also disposable tissues - available throughout the building, including in the toilets.


Again, please be mindful of maintaining social distancing when collecting your bag, and leaving; and exit via the main entrance door - the way that you came in :-
Please sanitise your hands again (for your own safety) as you leave the building.

Thank you.

I appreciate that this is a lot of information to take on board, but within a week or two at the most, it will all seem second nature, and I'm sure that you will all settle into it.
Most of it is stuff that I will be dealing with, and making sure is happening correctly, but I am just keeping you informed, to reassure you that all measures possible are being taken to ensure that we return to our class safely, and mitigate any risk of virus transmission.

I am confident that if we all adhere to the guidelines; look after ourselves, and each other; and use our common sense; that all will be well.
We WILL be able to re-start this class successfully, and get back to exercising safely.  
It's just a new way of doing things............and we need to live our lives !